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This is the official site of the Rare Earth Elements Fund, which is a niche fund under Swiss law* that invests worldwide in companies with activity in mining, refining and manufacturing of Rare Earth Elements. By respecting a Mine to Market concept the fund promises to benefit from the whole value chain.

*The Rare Earth Elements Fund has been approved in Switzerland by the supervisory authority, the Swiss Financial Market Authority  FINMA  and is only  distributed in Switzerland. The fund is not currently approved for distribution in any other country, and there are no plans to seek such approval.

L'AGEFI du 18 mars 2014

5th edition of the Swiss Mining Institute conference in Geneva and Zurich, 18th & 19th March 2014

"Terres rares lourdes scandinaves" Interview de Marc Saxon, Président & CEO de Tasman Metals Ltd, par Nicolette de Joncaire

L'AGEFI du 29 novembre 2013

"Le retournement imprévu du verrouillage géopolitique"

Laurent Krull "les terres rares sont les vitamines de l'industrie moderne"